Eliminating Redundant Clauses in SAT Instances

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Eliminating Redundant Clauses in SAT Instances
In this paper, we investigate to which extent the elimination of a class of redundant clauses in SAT instances could improve the efficiency of modern satisfiability provers. Since testing whether a SAT instance does not contain any redundant clause is NP-complete, a logically incomplete but polynomial-time procedure to remove redundant clauses is proposed as a pre-treatment of SAT solvers. It relies on the use of the linear-time unit propagation technique and often allows for significant performance improvements of the subsequent satisfiability checking procedure for really difficult real-world instances.
Olivier Fourdrinoy, Éric Grégoire, B
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Olivier Fourdrinoy, Éric Grégoire, Bertrand Mazure, Lakhdar Sais
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