Emacspeak - Direct Speech Access

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Emacspeak - Direct Speech Access
Emacspeak is a full-fledged speech output interface to Emacs, and is being used to provide direct speech access to a UNIX workstation. The kind of speech access provided by Emacspeak is qualitatively different from what conventional screenreaders provide --emacspeak makes applications speak-- as opposed to speaking the screen. Emacspeak is the first full-fledged speech output system that will allow someone who cannot see to work directly on a UNIX system (Until now, the only option available to visually impaired users has been to use a talking PC as a terminal.) Emacspeak is built on top of Emacs. Once Emacs is started, the user gets complete spoken feedback. I currently use Emacspeak at work on my SUN SparcStation and have also used it on a DECALPHA workstation under Digital UNIX while at Di
T. V. Raman
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Type Conference
Year 1996
Authors T. V. Raman
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