Emerging customer trends towards mobile music services

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Emerging customer trends towards mobile music services
Elaborating on the rapid evolution of mobile entertainment services, this paper investigates customers’ preferences and attitudes towards mobile music services in Europe through an exploratory research approach. The study ran in Finland, United Kingdom and Greece, targeting both music consumers and music professionals. Significant differences were observed between the three countries in terms of the importance music consumers attach to specific mobile music buying criteria and functionalities. Music consumers and music professionals evaluated the sound/image quality and the music content variety as the most important mobile music selection criteria. Ubiquity is the most attractive mobile music service for both music consumers and professionals, while content personalization is the most desired feature for music consumers and the least desired one for music professionals. However, there were no considerable differences observed between music consumers’ and music professionals’ at...
Pavlos Vlachos, Adam P. Vrechopoulos
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Updated 30 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Pavlos Vlachos, Adam P. Vrechopoulos
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