Encrypted Message Authentication by Firewalls

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Encrypted Message Authentication by Firewalls
Firewalls typically filter network traffic at several different layers. At application layer, filtering is based on various security relevant information encapsulated into protocol messages. The major obstacle for efficient verification of authenticity of messages at application layer is the difficulty of verifying digital signatures without disclosure of content protected by encryption. This is due to a traditional paradigm of generating a digital signature of a message and then encrypting the signature together with the message to preserve confidentiality, integrity, non-repudiation and authenticity. To overcome this limitation, a scheme shall be proposed for enabling signature verification without disclosing the content of messages. To provide maximum efficiency, the scheme is based on digital signcryption. Keywords. Encryption, Digital Signatures, Firewalls, Confidentiality, Authenticity, Network Security, Signcryption, Public Key Cryptography
Chandana Gamage, Jussipekka Leiwo, Yuliang Zheng
Added 04 Aug 2010
Updated 04 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1999
Where PKC
Authors Chandana Gamage, Jussipekka Leiwo, Yuliang Zheng
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