Energy minimization using multiple supply voltages

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Energy minimization using multiple supply voltages
We present a dynamic programming technique for solving the multiple supply voltage scheduling problem in both nonpipelined and functionally pipelined data-paths. The scheduling problem refers to the assignment of a supply voltage level (selected from a fixed and known number of voltage levels) to each operation in a data flow graph so as to minimize the average energy consumption for given computation time or throughput constraints or both. The energy model is accurate and accounts for the input pattern dependencies, re-convergent fanout induced dependencies, and the energy cost of level shifters. Experimental results show that using three supply voltage levels on a number of standard benchmarks, an average energy saving of 40.19% (with
Jui-Ming Chang, Massoud Pedram
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Type Conference
Year 1996
Authors Jui-Ming Chang, Massoud Pedram
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