Epistemic privacy

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Epistemic privacy
We present a novel definition of privacy in the framework of offline (retroactive) database query auditing. Given information about the database, a description of sensitive data, and assumptions about users' prior knowledge, our goal is to determine if answering a past user's query could have led to a privacy breach. According to our definition, an audited property A is private, given the disclosure of property B, if no user can gain confidence in A by learning B, subject to prior knowledge constraints. Privacy is not violated if the disclosure of B causes a loss of confidence in A. The new notion of privacy is formalized using the well-known semantics for reasoning about knowledge, where logical properties correspond to sets of possible worlds (databases) that satisfy these properties. Database users are modelled as either possibilistic agents whose knowledge is a set of possible worlds, or as probabilistic agents whose knowledge is a probability distribution on possible wo...
Alexandre V. Evfimievski, Ronald Fagin, David P. W
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where PODS
Authors Alexandre V. Evfimievski, Ronald Fagin, David P. Woodruff
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