Error Free Self-assembly Using Error Prone Tiles

13 years 9 months ago
Error Free Self-assembly Using Error Prone Tiles
DNA self-assembly is emerging as a key paradigm for nano-technology, nano-computation, and several related disciplines. In nature, DNA self-assembly is often equipped with explicit mechanisms for both error prevention and error correction. For artificial self-assembly, these problems are even more important since we are interested in assembling large systems with great precision. We present an error-correction scheme, called snaked proof-reading, which can correct both growth and nucleation errors in a self-assembling system. This builds upon an earlier construction of Winfree and Bekbolatov [13], which could correct a limited class of growth errors. Like their construction, our system also replaces each tile in the system by a k × k block of tiles, and does not require changing the basic tile assembly model proposed by Rothemund and Winfree [10]. We perform a theoretical analysis of our system under fairly general assumptions, tiles can both attach and fall off depending on the ther...
Ho-Lin Chen, Ashish Goel
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where DNA
Authors Ho-Lin Chen, Ashish Goel
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