Escalation: Complex Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Escalation:  Complex Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
We present a new approach for the detection of complex events in Wireless Sensor Networks. Complex events are sets of data points that correspond to interesting or unusual patterns in the underlying phenomenon that the network monitors. Our approach is inspired from time-series data mining techniques and transforms a stream of realvalued sensor readings into a symbolic representation. Complex event detection is then performed using distance metrics, allowing us to detect events that are difficult or even impossible to describe using traditional declarative SQL-like languages and thresholds. We have tested our approach with four distinct data sets and the experimental results were encouraging in all cases. We have implemented our approach for the TinyOS and Contiki Operating Systems, for the Sky mote platform. Key words: Event Detection, Complex Events, Parameter-free Detection, Data Compression, Network Control, Reactive Sensor Networks.
Michael Zoumboulakis, George Roussos
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Michael Zoumboulakis, George Roussos
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