ETL Ensembles for Chunking, NER and SRL

13 years 5 months ago
ETL Ensembles for Chunking, NER and SRL
We present a new ensemble method that uses Entropy Guided Transformation Learning (ETL) as the base learner. The proposed approach, ETL Committee, combines the main ideas of Bagging and Random Subspaces. We also propose a strategy to include redundancy in transformation-based models. To evaluate the effectiveness of the ensemble method, we apply it to three Natural Language Processing tasks: Text Chunking, Named Entity Recognition and Semantic Role Labeling. Our experimental findings indicate that ETL Committee significantly outperforms single ETL models, achieving state-of-the-art competitive results. Some positive characteristics of the proposed ensemble strategy are worth to mention. First, it improves the ETL effectiveness without any additional human effort. Second, it is particularly useful when dealing with very complex tasks that use large feature sets. And finally, the resulting training and classification processes are very easy to parallelize.
Cícero Nogueira dos Santos, Ruy Luiz Milidi
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Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Cícero Nogueira dos Santos, Ruy Luiz Milidiú, Carlos E. M. Crestana, Eraldo R. Fernandes
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