Evaluation of Ad Hoc OLAP: In-Place Computation

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Evaluation of Ad Hoc OLAP: In-Place Computation
Large scale data analysis and mining activities, such as identifying interesting trends, making unusual patterns to stand out and verifying hypotheses, require sophisticated information extraction queries. Being able to express these data mining queries concisely is of major importance not only from the user's, but also from the system's point of view. Recent research in OLAP has focused on datacubes and their applications; however, expression and processing of ad hoc decision support queries has been given very little attention. In this paper we present an appropriate framework for these queries and introduce a syntactic construct to support it. This SQL extension allows most OLAP queries, such as complex intra- and inter-group comparisons, trends and hierarchical comparisons, to be expressed in a compact, intuitive and simple manner. However, this syntactic extension is not the focus of this paper. This succinct representation of a complex OLAP query translates immediately...
Damianos Chatziantoniou
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Year 1999
Authors Damianos Chatziantoniou
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