Evaluation of eye gaze interaction

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Evaluation of eye gaze interaction
Eye gaze interaction can provide a convenient and natural addition to user-computer dialogues. We have previously reported on our interaction techniques using eye gaze [10]. While our techniques seemed useful in demonstration, we now investigate their strengths and weaknesses in a controlled setting. In this paper, we present two experiments that compare an interaction technique we developed for object selection based on a where a person is looking with the most commonly used selection method using a mouse. We find that our eye gaze interaction technique is faster than selection with a mouse. The results show that our algorithm, which makes use of knowledge about how the eyes behave, preserves the natural quickness of the eye. Eye gaze interaction is a reasonable addition to computer interaction and is convenient in situations where it is important to use the hands for other tasks. It is particularly beneficial for the larger screen workspaces and virtual environments of the future, a...
Linda E. Sibert, Robert J. K. Jacob
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where CHI
Authors Linda E. Sibert, Robert J. K. Jacob
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