Everyday cinema

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Everyday cinema
Stories make our experiences memorable over time. In constructing and sharing our personal and communal memories, we move in a reflective manner back and forth between our lifeworld and our life-stories. Advances in network communications and the growing abundance of personal media recording devices provide new opportunities for collecting, examining and reimagining our life experiences. This paper describes the ‘Media Fabrics Experiment’, an online rich-media weblog populated by the day-to-day media messages submitted by a group of participants using camera cellphones. The construction, participant use and activity trends of the weblog are discussed and the impact of this approach for the collection and sharing of everyday story experiences is evaluated. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.5.3 [Information Interfaces and Presentation]: Group and Organization Interfaces – collaborative computing, computersupported cooperative work, web-based interaction; H.5.4 [Information Inte...
Aisling Kelliher
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