eVitae: An Event-Based Electronic Chronicle

14 years 6 months ago
eVitae: An Event-Based Electronic Chronicle
We present an event based system for storing, managing, and presenting personal multimedia history. The development of such systems is a challenge because information about personal history is captured using multifarious multimedia data, such as audio, video, text, or image, but is often fragmented within different record systems. Assimilating such data into meaningful information requires placing it in a larger context. Furthermore, conceptualizing, organizing, and exploring such information varies from person to person. Traditional information systems are short of paradigms to address all these problems. At the heart of our approach is information organization using the concept of an event. Events allow modeling of the data in a manner that is independent of media. To store events, a novel database called EventBase is developed which is indexed by events. The unique characteristics of events make multidimensional querying and multiple perspective explorations of personal history inf...
Bin Wu, Rahul Singh, Punit Gupta, Ramesh Jain
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where EDBT
Authors Bin Wu, Rahul Singh, Punit Gupta, Ramesh Jain
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