Evolution of Linguistic Diversity in a Simple Communication System

13 years 7 months ago
Evolution of Linguistic Diversity in a Simple Communication System
This article reports on the current state of our efforts to shed light on the origin and evolution of linguistic diversity using synthetic modeling and arti cial life es. We construct a simple abstract model of a communication system that has been designed with regard to referential signaling in nonhuman animals. We analyze the evolutionary dynamics of vocabulary sharing based on these experiments. The results show that mutation rates, population size, and resource restrictions de ne the classes of vocabulary sharing. We also see a dynamic equilibrium, where two states, a state with one dominant shared word and a state with several dominant shared words, take turns g. We incorporate the idea of the abstract model into a more concrete situation and present an agent-based model y the results of the abstract model and to examine the possibility of using linguistic diversity in the eld of distributed AI and robotics. It has been shown that the evolution of linguistic diversity in vocabular...
Takaya Arita, Yuhji Koyama
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Type Journal
Year 1998
Authors Takaya Arita, Yuhji Koyama
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