Evolving evolutionary algorithms using evolutionary algorithms

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Evolving evolutionary algorithms using evolutionary algorithms
A new model for automatic generation of Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) by evolutionary means is proposed in this paper. The model is based on a simple Genetic Algorithm (GA). Every GA chromosome encodes an EA, which is used for solving a particular problem. Several Evolutionary Algorithms for function optimization are evolved by using the considered model. Numerical experiments show that the evolved Evolutionary Algorithms perform similarly and sometimes even better than standard approaches for several wellknown benchmarking problems. Categories and Subject Descriptors I.2.6 [Learning]; I.2.8 [Problem Solving, Control Methods and Search] General Terms Algorithms Keywords Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Algorithms, Function Optimization.
Laura Diosan, Mihai Oltean
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Laura Diosan, Mihai Oltean
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