Evolving fuzzy decision tree structure that adapts in real-time

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Evolving fuzzy decision tree structure that adapts in real-time
A fuzzy logic algorithm has been developed that automatically allocates electronic attack (EA) resources distributed over different platforms in real-time. The controller must be able to make decisions based on rules provided by experts. The fuzzy logic approach allows the direct incorporation of expertise. Genetic algorithm based optimization is conducted to determine the form of the membership functions for the fuzzy root concepts. The resource manager is made up of five parts, the isolated platform model, the multi-platform model, the fuzzy EA model, the fuzzy parameter selection tree and the fuzzy strategy tree. Automatic determination of fuzzy decision tree topology using a genetic program, an algorithm that creates other algorithms is discussed. A comparison to subtrees obtained using a genetic program and those constructed by hand from rules is made. Experiments designed to test various concepts in the expert system are discussed, including its ability to allow multiple platfor...
James F. Smith III
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors James F. Smith III
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