Extending P3P/Appel for Friend Finder

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Extending P3P/Appel for Friend Finder
FriendFinder as a location-based service collects location data from mobile users and distributes a particular user’s location upon request. Privacy of users data especially location data needs to be guaranteed according to both user and legacy perspectives. W3C’s privacy recommendation for internet platform P3P/Appel only considers the privacy relations between the users and the service providers. In this paper, we explain the shortcomings of P3P/Appel for providing privacy in FriendFinder and propose enhancements to the P3P/Appel policy languages. 1 Motivation With the support of computing location in the mobile platform, location-based services like locating people, locating moving objects (e.g. fleet management), etc. have been already implemented today. FriendFinder is a typical example of locating people service [5]. As illustrated in Figure 1, the users participating in the FriendFinder service send regularly their location data computed by their mobile devices to the cent...
Emin Islam Tatli
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