Fabrication of Ontology for Security in Health Care Systems

13 years 4 months ago
Fabrication of Ontology for Security in Health Care Systems
Given the widespread intimidation state of affairs, there is a gripping want to enlarge architectures, algorithms, and protocols to apprehend a trustworthy network infrastructure. In order to attain this aspiration, the foremost and leading step is to develop an ample perceptive of the security threats and existing solutions as stated in this paper. A way of building Ontologies that proceeds in a bottom-up fashion is presented, defining concepts as clusters of concrete XML objects. Clusters are being generated, which are formed based on the structure of the input XML documents. The learning domain is a more general concept of security and health care system. On today's global information infrastructure, manual knowledge extraction is often not an option due to the sheer size and the high rate of change of available information. A bottom-up method for Ontology extraction and maintenance intended at impeccably harmonizing current Ontology design practice, where, as a rule, Ontologi...
J. Indumathi, G. V. Uma
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Updated 18 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors J. Indumathi, G. V. Uma
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