On Failure Dependent Protection in Optical Grooming Networks

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On Failure Dependent Protection in Optical Grooming Networks
Resiliency to link failures in optical networks is becoming increasingly important due to the increasing data rate in the fiber. Path protection schemes attempt to guarantee a backup path for a connection upon a failure in the network, thereby reducing the recovery time for a connection. In this paper, we develop a failure dependent path protection scheme that dynamically assigns a primary path and backup paths, one for each failure that would affect the primary path. A connection established on the primary path will be re-established on its backup path only if a failure in the network affects the connection. We evaluate the performance of our developed protocol and compare with an alternative approach based on sub-graph routing that achieves high network utilization and low blocking probability at the cost of re-establishing connections even if the failure in the network does not affect the primary path of the connection. We observe that up to a factor of eight reduction in the numbe...
Srinivasan Ramasubramanian
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Year 2004
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Authors Srinivasan Ramasubramanian
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