Fast Admission Control for Short TCP Flows

13 years 5 months ago
Fast Admission Control for Short TCP Flows
—Over the last decade, numerous admission control schemes have been studied to allocate network resources. Although per-flow control schemes can provide guaranteed QoS, such schemes face scalability issues in large networks due to the tremendous number of flows present. While aggregation-based approaches such as Differentiated Services relieve the storage of state in the core, admission control of flows, especially short-lived flows, is still a serious bottleneck. To that end, we propose an admission control scheme, Fast Admission for Short Flows (FASF), that enables accelerated admission control at the edge rather than via centralized or in-path mechanisms. FASF not only reduces the burden on admission control by largely distributing the dominant resource requests (i.e. short-lived flows), but also improves flow completion time and hence network goodput.
Yingxin Jiang, Aaron Striegel
Added 04 Sep 2010
Updated 04 Sep 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Yingxin Jiang, Aaron Striegel
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