Fast Image Alignment in the Fourier Domain

14 years 10 days ago
Fast Image Alignment in the Fourier Domain
In this paper we propose a framework for gradient descent image alignment in the Fourier domain. Specifically, we propose an extension to the classical Lucas & Kanade (LK) algorithm where we represent the source and template image’s intensity pixels in the complex 2D Fourier domain rather than in the 2D spatial domain. We refer to this approach as the Fourier LK (FLK) algorithm. The FLK formulation is especially advantageous, over traditional LK, when it comes to pre-processing the source and template images with a bank of filters (e.g., Gabor filters) as: (i) it can handle substantial illumination variations, (ii) the inefficient pre-processing filter bank step can be subsumed within the FLK algorithm as a sparse diagonal weighting matrix, (iii) unlike traditional LK the computational cost is invariant to the number of filters and as a result far more efficient, (iv) this approach can be extended to the inverse compositional form of the LK algorithm where nearly ...
Ahmed Ashraf, Simon Lucey, Tsuhan Chen
Added 08 Apr 2010
Updated 14 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where CVPR
Authors Ahmed Ashraf, Simon Lucey, Tsuhan Chen
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