Fast Lossy Internet Image Transmission

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Fast Lossy Internet Image Transmission
Images are usually transmitted across the Internet using a lossless protocol such as TCP/IP. Lossless protocols require retransmission of lost packets, which substantially increases transmission time. We introduce a fast lossy Internet image transmission scheme (FLIIT) for compressed images which eliminates retransmission delays by strategically shielding important portions of the image with redundancy bits. We describe a joint source and channel coding algorithm for images which minimizes the expected distortion of transmitted images. The algorithm e ciently allocates quantizer resolution bits and redundancy bits to control quantization errors and expected packet transmission losses. We describe an implementation of this algorithm and compare its performance on the Internet to lossless TCP/IP transmission of the same images. In our experiments, the FLIIT scheme transmitted images ve times faster than TCP/IP during the day, with resulting images of equivalent quality. KEYWORDS forward...
John M. Danskin, Geoffrey M. Davis, Xiyong Song
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Type Conference
Year 1995
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Authors John M. Danskin, Geoffrey M. Davis, Xiyong Song
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