Fastpath Speculative Parallelization

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Fastpath Speculative Parallelization
Abstract. We describe Fastpath, a system for speculative parallelization of sequential programs on conventional multicore processors. Our system distinguishes between the lead thread, which executes at almostnative speed, and speculative threads, which execute somewhat slower. This allows us to achieve nontrivial speedup, even on two-core machines. We present a mathematical model of potential speedup, parameterized by application characteristics and implementation constants. We also present preliminary results gleaned from two different Fastpath implementations, each derived from an implementation of software transactional memory.
Michael F. Spear, Kirk Kelsey, Tongxin Bai, Luke D
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Updated 26 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where LCPC
Authors Michael F. Spear, Kirk Kelsey, Tongxin Bai, Luke Dalessandro, Michael L. Scott, Chen Ding, Peng Wu
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