Fates: A Granular Approach to Real-Time Anomaly Detection

13 years 10 months ago
Fates: A Granular Approach to Real-Time Anomaly Detection
— Anomaly-based intrusion detection systems have the ability of detecting novel attacks, but in real-time detection, they face the challenges of producing many false alarms and failing to contend with the high speed of modern networks due to their computationally demanding algorithms. In this paper, we present Fates, an anomalybased NIDS designed to alleviate the two challenges. Fates views the monitored network as a collection of individual hosts instead of as a single autonomous entity and uses dynamic, individual threshold for each monitored host, such that it can differentiate between characteristics of individual hosts and independently assess their threat to the network. Each packet to and from a monitored host is analyzed with an adaptive and efficient charging scheme that considers the packet’s type, number of occurrences, source, and destination. The resulting charge is applied to the individual hosts’ threat assessment, providing pinpointed analysis of anomalous activit...
Jeff Janies, Chin-Tser Huang
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Jeff Janies, Chin-Tser Huang
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