Fault-Tolerant Message Routing for Multiprocessors

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Fault-Tolerant Message Routing for Multiprocessors
In this paper the problem of fault-tolerant message routing in two-dimensional meshes, with each inner node having 4 neighbors, is investigated. It is assumed that some nodes/links can be faulty, so it is necessary to route messages, using local information at each step. A new and efficient algorithm is proposed to solve this problem. This algorithm is local and consists of pre-routing and routing stages. The pre-routing algorithm is implemented off-line. The complexity of the pre-routing stage is O(tN), where N is the number of nodes in the system, and t is the number of faulty nodes. The complexity of the online routing stage (the size of the routing table stored in the local memory) is O(t). The pre-routing algorithm is performed only once, after a new fault is detected. The algorithm allows 100% of deliverable messages to be delivered in the presence of faulty nodes with no deadlocks or lifelocks. No nodes are declared unsafe. The main idea is to construct fault-free rectangular cl...
Lev Zakrevski, Mark G. Karpovsky
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Where IPPS
Authors Lev Zakrevski, Mark G. Karpovsky
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