Feedback-Based Scheduling for Load-Balanced Two-Stage Switches

13 years 7 days ago
Feedback-Based Scheduling for Load-Balanced Two-Stage Switches
Abstract--A framework for designing feedback-based scheduling algorithms is proposed for elegantly solving the notorious packet missequencing problem of a load-balanced switch. Unlike existing approaches, we show that the efforts made in load balancing and keeping packets in order can complement each other. Specifically, at each middle-stage port between the two switch fabrics of a load-balanced switch, only a single-packet buffer for each virtual output queueing (VOQ) is required. Although packets belonging to the same flow pass through different middle-stage VOQs, the delays they experience at different middle-stage ports will be identical. This is made possible by properly selecting and coordinating the two sequences of switch configurations to form a joint sequence with both staggered symmetry property and in-order packet delivery property. Based on the staggered symmetry property, an efficient feedback mechanism is designed to allow the right middle-stage port occupancy vector to ...
Bing Hu, Kwan L. Yeung
Added 22 May 2011
Updated 22 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where TON
Authors Bing Hu, Kwan L. Yeung
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