File and Object Replication in Data Grids

13 years 5 months ago
File and Object Replication in Data Grids
Data replication is a key issue in a Data Grid and can be managed in different ways and at different levels of granularity: for example, at the file level or object level. In the High Energy Physics community, Data Grids are being developed to support the distributed analysis of experimental data. We have produced a prototype data replication tool, the Grid Data Management Pilot (GDMP) that is in production use in one physics experiment, with middleware provided by the Globus Toolkit used for authentication, data movement, and other purposes. We present here a new, enhanced GDMP architecture and prototype implementation that uses Globus Data Grid tools for efficient file replication. We also explain how this architecture can address object replication issues in an object-oriented database management system. File transfer over wide-area networks requires specific performance tuning in order to gain optimal data transfer rates. We present performance results obtained with GridFTP, an en...
Heinz Stockinger, Asad Samar, Koen Holtman, Willia
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Updated 17 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Authors Heinz Stockinger, Asad Samar, Koen Holtman, William E. Allcock, Ian T. Foster, Brian Tierney
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