Finding and linking incidents in news

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Finding and linking incidents in news
News reports are being produced and disseminated in overwhelming volume, making it difficult to keep up with the newest information. Most previous research in automatic news organization treated news topics as a flat list, ignoring the intrinsic connection among individual reports. We argue that more contextual information within and across the topics will benefit users in their news understanding process. A news organization infrastructure, incident threading, is proposed in this article. All text snippets describing the occurrence of a real-world happening are combined into a news incident, and a network is composed of incidents that are interconnected by links in certain types. A limited vocabulary of connection types is defined and corresponding rules are established based upon the human experience of news understanding. The incident threading system is implemented with two different algorithms. One starts from clustering of text passages and then creates links with pre-built ...
Ao Feng, James Allan
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where CIKM
Authors Ao Feng, James Allan
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