Finding errors in components that exchange xml data

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Finding errors in components that exchange xml data
Two or more components (e.g., objects, modules, or programs) interoperate when they exchange data, such as XML data. Using Application Programming Interface (API) calls exported by XML parsers remains a primary mode of accessing and manipulating XML, and these API calls lead to various run-time errors in components that exchange XML data. Currently, no tool checks the source code of interoperating components for potential flaws caused by third-party API calls that lead to incorrect XML data exchanges and runtime errors, even when components are located within the same application. Our solution combines program abstraction and symbolic execution in order to reengineer the approximate schema of XML data that would be output by a component. This schema is compared using bisimulation with the schema of XML data that is expected by some other components. We describe our approach and give our error checking algorithm. We implemented our approach in a tool that we used on open source and co...
Mark Grechanik
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Year 2007
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