Finding linking opportunities through relationship-based analysis

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Finding linking opportunities through relationship-based analysis
Many techniques exist for analyzing information domains in preparation for systems design. No systematic technique exists, however, for analyzing a system or domain in terms of its relationships. This is especially important for hypermedia and World Wide Web applications, which (should) provide a high degree of linking and navigational support. RNA (Relationship Navigation Analysis) provides a systematic way of identifying useful relationships in application domains. Developers can then implement each relationship as a link. Viewing an application domain from the relationship management point of view and modeling from a philosophy of maximum access provides a unique vantage point for application design. We present RNA and its generic relationship taxonomy, focusing upon their use for system analysis. We provide a long example in the domain of an on-line bookstore.
Joonhee Yoo, Michael Bieber
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Type Conference
Year 2000
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Authors Joonhee Yoo, Michael Bieber
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