Flexibility of Automatic Authoring for the Semantic Web

14 years 4 months ago
Flexibility of Automatic Authoring for the Semantic Web
The LAOS model, a 5-layer adaptive hypermedia (AH) authoring model, was previously shown to specify a flexible framework for (collaborative) creation of material for the semantic web. However, for adaptive behavior, an author has to design not only basic semantic contents (and its alternatives), but also specify the desired dynamics of the system, which is rather cumbersome. Therefore, automatic authoring techniques are being researched, that aim at decreasing the authoring burden. Here we elaborate on these techniques that can be built based on LAOS, and show specific implementations. They exploit the LAOS structure and consist of automatic transformation (interpretation) rules between different layers of the model (populate some layers based on the contents of others). To evaluate the effectiveness of these transformations, we have to see if and how much flexibility is lost by performing these automatic transformations, as opposed to fully manual creation. We shall see that even wit...
Alexandra I. Cristea
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Year 2004
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Authors Alexandra I. Cristea
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