Forecasting Investment Opportunities Through Dynamic Simulation

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Forecasting Investment Opportunities Through Dynamic Simulation
Outcomes of this modeling research are the ability to facilitate comparisons of investment alternatives or strategies; regarding primary targets, possible annual revenues, promotion incentives, operating budgets, and “other” capital expenses. The analyst will have a simulator to evaluate multiple courses of action when considering opportunities regarding possible future investments or “Walmart” locations. The results are described visually, allowing the client or customer the capability to view the model through animation support. This allows the customer the opportunity to fully understand the strategies associated with various financial opportunities, and explore “whatif” and “why-not” analysis. As part of the approach, a symbolic network representative language was implemented which combines the continuous variable features of system dynamics and the discrete event features of conventional simulation techniques. The contribution of this research is a prescribed meth...
Stephen R. Parker
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Type Conference
Year 1997
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Authors Stephen R. Parker
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