Formal Ontology Engineering in the DOGMA Approach

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Formal Ontology Engineering in the DOGMA Approach
This paper presents a specifically database-inspired approach (called DOGMA) for engineering formal ontologies, implemented as shared resources used to express agreed formal semantics for a real world domain. We address several related key issues, such as knowledge reusability and shareability, scalability of the ontology engineering process and methodology, efficient and effective ontology storage and management, and coexistence of heterogeneous rule systems that surround an ontology mediating between it and application agents. Ontologies should represent a domain's semantics independently from "language", while any process that creates elements of such an ontology must be entirely rooted in some (natural) language, and any use of it will necessarily be through a (in general an agent's computer) language. To achieve the claims stated, we explicitly decompose ontological resources into ontology bases in the form of simple binary facts called lexons and into socalled...
Mustafa Jarrar, Robert Meersman
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Type Conference
Year 2002
Authors Mustafa Jarrar, Robert Meersman
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