Fractal Computation in Step with Real-Time Dance

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Fractal Computation in Step with Real-Time Dance
This paper describes a collaboration among computer scientists, dancers, and musicians on a production entitled "Fibonacci and Phi." Thematically, the production explored mathematical concepts that have aesthetic appeal, capturing the ways in which mathematical beauty gives shape to nature and art, and expressing the human response to these forms. Technically, the production tested the limits of parallel cluster computation in real-time multimedia and performance art. The result was a dance performance that wove together science and art in a way intended to draw new audience members into both realms. 1 THE HISTORY The Winston-Salem Alban Elved Free Space dance project began with a question: How well can artists and scientists communicate, and what might they create if they try? The first Free Space production was a collaboration between Alban Elved Dance Company and Duke University scientists. The centerpiece of their 2001 performance was a ring of infrared cameras, called A...
Jennifer J. Burg, Tim Miller
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Jennifer J. Burg, Tim Miller
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