A Framework for Focus+Context Visualization

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A Framework for Focus+Context Visualization
Focus+context visualization techniques aim to give users integrated visual access to both details and overview of a data set. This paper gives a systematic account of such visualization techniques. We introduce the notion that there are different levels of information visualization, with focus+context being a second-level visualization, and illustrate this with examples. We then provide a formal framework for describing and constructing focus+context visualization and relate this to the examples. A description of a software framework based on the principles of the theoretical framework follows, and we give some examples of how different focus+context visualization applications have been constructed using this framework. Finally, we discuss the implications of the formal framework and outline some future work in this area. Keywords Focus+context visualization, information visualization, fisheye views, formal methods, theory
Staffan Björk, Lars Erik Holmquist, Johan Red
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Updated 03 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Staffan Björk, Lars Erik Holmquist, Johan Redström
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