A Framework for Privacy Preserving Classification in Data Mining

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A Framework for Privacy Preserving Classification in Data Mining
Nowadays organizations all over the world are dependent on mining gigantic datasets. These datasets typically contain delicate individual information, which inevitably gets exposed to different parties. Consequently privacy issues are constantly under the limelight and the public dissatisfaction may well threaten the exercise of data mining and all its benefits. It is thus of great importance to develop adequate security techniques for protecting confidentiality of individual values used for data mining. In the last 30 years several techniques have been proposed in the context of statistical databases. It was noticed early on that non-careful noise addition introduces biases to statistical parameters, including means, variances and covariances, and sophisticated techniques that avoid biases were developed. However, when these techniques are applied in the context of data mining, they do not appear to be bias-free. Wilson and Rosen (2002) suggest the existence of Type Data Mining (DM) ...
Zahidul Islam, Ljiljana Brankovic
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ACSW
Authors Zahidul Islam, Ljiljana Brankovic
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