Frameworks of Process Improvement for Mobile Applications

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Frameworks of Process Improvement for Mobile Applications
Mobile application development belongs on the complicated, but quite regular software development environment that includes many different solutions possibilities in the development. The experiences from the mobile card game development lead to the development process that covers many distribution channels (different client platforms). Architecture and the readiness to react changes that were caused by technology requirement changes become one of the key points in successful development. Changes that came during the application development required quite clear architecture. By identifying, standardizing, and naming general process models, same models and code could be reused in several applications. In this paper we go through mobile development process and architectural structures and analysis of these with empirical mobile application development. We used different architectural views for analyzing mobile architectures and architecture role in development. The architecture and archit...
Haeng-Kon Kim
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Year 2008
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Authors Haeng-Kon Kim
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