The free n-generated BL-algebra

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The free n-generated BL-algebra
The theory of Schauder hats is a beautiful and powerful tool for investigating, under several respects, the algebraic semantics of Lukasiewicz infinite-valued logic [CDM99], [MMM07], [Mun94], [P95]. As a notably application of the theory, the elements of the free n-generated MV-algebra, that constitutes the algebraic semantics of the n-variate fragment of Lukasiewicz logic, are obtained as (t-conorm) monoidal combination of finitely many hats, which are in turn obtained through finitely many applications of an operation called starring, starting from a finite family of primitive hats. The aim of this paper is to extend this portion of the Schauder hats theory to the two-variable fragment of H
Stefano Aguzzoli, Simone Bova
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Year 2010
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Authors Stefano Aguzzoli, Simone Bova
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