Fuzzy Calculating and Fuzzy Control in Wireless Sensor Network

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Fuzzy Calculating and Fuzzy Control in Wireless Sensor Network
At present time configurable wireless sensor networks are given special consideration. Wireless sensor networks are now a static elements union. To make such a network a powerful system that is able to replace traditional computers, research is required of the application of different theories and technologies for sensor network development. However, building models of approximate reasoning and its usage in computer systems presents an important scientific problem. Fuzzy logic provides effective representation of real world information. The mathematical method of fuzzy information representation allows the building an adequate model of the reality. The article describes an algorithm of a fuzzy controller used to make soft computing and soft managements of a wireless network. Such a network consists of devices with limited resources which are able to work during many months and possibly years. It has been suggested that AI methods can be used to benefit the technological development of...
Irina Kalganova
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Year 2007
Authors Irina Kalganova
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