GA-stacking: Evolutionary stacked generalization

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GA-stacking: Evolutionary stacked generalization
Stacking is a widely used technique for combining classifiers and improving prediction accuracy. Early research in Stacking showed that selecting the right classifiers, their parameters and the meta-classifiers was a critical issue. Most of the research on this topic hand picks the right combination of classifiers and their parameters. Instead of starting from these initial strong assumptions, our approach uses genetic algorithms to search for good Stacking configurations. Since this can lead to overfitting, one of the goals of this paper is to empirically evaluate the overall efficiency of the approach. A second goal is to compare our approach with the current best Stacking building techniques. The results show that our approach finds Stacking configurations that, in the worst case, perform as well as the best techniques, with the advantage of not having to manually set up the structure of the Stacking system.
Agapito Ledezma, Ricardo Aler, Araceli Sanch&iacut
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Updated 26 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where IDA
Authors Agapito Ledezma, Ricardo Aler, Araceli Sanchís, Daniel Borrajo
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