A General Model for Component-Based Software Reliability

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A General Model for Component-Based Software Reliability
: The approach of aggregating components into complex software systems is maturing with the rapid development of component technology. How to analyze software reliability from system architecture and components’ reliabilities should be answered. Software is static, while development process is dynamic. To enable reliability tracing through a dynamic process, this paper presents a general model for component-based software ity-component probability transition diagram-based on function abstractions. Different from other related work emphasizing on mathematical modeling, the model presented here focuses on reliability tracing through the dynamic development process. Key words: component-based software; software component; software reliability; model 摘 要: 随着软构件技术的快速发展,聚集软构件设计复杂软件系统的软件开发方法日趋成熟.如何利用系统 架构和软构件的可靠性分析软件系统的可靠性成为一个亟待解决的问题.软件是...
Mao Xiaoguang, Deng Yongjin
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Mao Xiaoguang, Deng Yongjin
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