Generalized PolyCube Trivariate Splines

13 years 4 months ago
Generalized PolyCube Trivariate Splines
Abstract—This paper develops a new trivariate hierarchical spline scheme for volumetric data representation. Unlike conventional spline formulations and techniques, our new framework is built upon a novel parametric domain called Generalized PolyCube (GPC), comprising a set of regular cubes being glued together. Compared with the conventional PolyCube (PC) that could serve as a “one-piece” 3-manifold domain, GPC has more powerful and flexible representation ability. We develop an effective framework that parameterizes a solid model onto a topologically equivalent GPC domain, and design a hierarchical fitting scheme based on trivariate T-splines. The entire data-spline-conversion modeling framework provides high-accuracy data fitting and greatly reduce the number of superfluous control points. It is a powerful toolkit with broader application appeal in shape modeling, engineering analysis, and reverse engineering. Keywords-Trivariate Spline; Generalized PolyCube; Volumetric Pa...
Bo Li, Xin Li, Kexiang Wang, Hong Qin
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Updated 30 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where SMI
Authors Bo Li, Xin Li, Kexiang Wang, Hong Qin
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