Generating AspectJ Programs with Meta-AspectJ

13 years 5 months ago
Generating AspectJ Programs with Meta-AspectJ
Abstract. Meta-AspectJ (MAJ) is a language tool for generating AspectJ programs using code templates. MAJ itself is an extension of Java, so users can interleave arbitrary Java code with AspectJ code templates. MAJ is a structured meta-programming tool: a well-typed generator implies a syntactically correct generated program. MAJ promotes a methodology that combines aspect-oriented and generative programming. Potential applications range from implementing domain-specific languages with AspectJ as a back-end to enhancing AspectJ with more powerful general-purpose constructs. In addition to its practical value, MAJ offers valuable insights to meta-programming tool designers. It is a mature meta-programming tool for AspectJ (and, by extension, Java): a lot of emphasis has been placed on context-sensitive parsing and errorreporting. As a result, MAJ minimizes the number of meta-programming (quote/unquote) operators and uses type inference to reduce the need to remember type names for syn...
David Zook, Shan Shan Huang, Yannis Smaragdakis
Added 01 Jul 2010
Updated 01 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Where GPCE
Authors David Zook, Shan Shan Huang, Yannis Smaragdakis
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