GeoServ: A Distributed Urban Sensing Platform

12 years 8 months ago
GeoServ: A Distributed Urban Sensing Platform
—Urban sensing where mobile users continuously gather, process, and share location-sensitive sensor data (e.g., street images, road condition, traffic flow) is emerging as a new network paradigm of sensor information sharing in urban environments. The key enablers are the smartphones (e.g., iPhones and Android phones) equipped with onboard sensors (e.g., cameras, accelerometer, compass, GPS) and various wireless devices (e.g., WiFi and 2/3G). The goal of this paper is to design a scalable sensor networking platform where millions of users on the move can participate in urban sensing and share locationaware information using always-on cellular data connections. We propose a two-tier sensor networking platform called GeoServ where mobile users publish/access sensor data via an Internetbased distributed P2P overlay network. The main contribution of this paper is two-fold: a location-aware sensor data retrieval scheme that supports geographic range queries, and a locationaware publish-...
Jong Hoon Ahnn, Uichin Lee, Hyun Jin Moon
Added 18 Aug 2011
Updated 18 Aug 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Authors Jong Hoon Ahnn, Uichin Lee, Hyun Jin Moon
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