Granulation with Indistinguishability, Equivalence, or Similarity

13 years 11 months ago
Granulation with Indistinguishability, Equivalence, or Similarity
Abstract— One of the relations used with granularity is indistinguishability, where distinguishable entities in a finer-grained granule are indistinguishable in a coarser-grained granule. This relation is a subtype of equivalence relation, which is used in the other direction to create finer-grained granules. Together with the notion of similarity, we formally prove some intuitive properties of the indistinguishability relation for both qualitative and quantitative granularity, that with a given granulation there must be at least two granules (levels of granularity) for it to be granular, and derive a strict order between finer and coarser granules. Based on these results, granulation hierarchy is defined as extra assisting structure to augment implementations.
C. Maria Keet
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where GRC
Authors C. Maria Keet
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