The Grid-Occam Project

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The Grid-Occam Project
Occam is a parallel processing language designed by a team at INMOS in conjunction with the design of the transputer processor, and based on Sir T. Hoare's ideas of Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP). Occam incorporates support for very fine grained, easy to use threads and seamless support of multi-processor environments. It can be used with shared or distributed memory systems, and the strong basis in CSP makes it excellent choice when formal proofs of correctness are required. Within the proposed project, we plan to develop an implementation of Occam on Rotor as a vehicle for education and teaching. Our work will especially focus on concurrency issues and investigate the suitability of the Occam programming model for highly concurrent and parallel programming on multiprocessor and multicomputer systems. Extending on our previous Rotor project “Object and Process Migration in Rotor and .NET”, we plan to use the platform independent MSIL-format as a vehicle to bridge m...
Peter Tröger, Martin von Löwis, Andreas
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where GSEM
Authors Peter Tröger, Martin von Löwis, Andreas Polze
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