A Groovy Virtual Drumming Agent

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A Groovy Virtual Drumming Agent
This paper presents an architecture for an intelligent virtual agent that imitates human drumming behaviour. Through imitation, the agent models the user-specific variations that constitute the “groove” of the drummer. The architecture comprises a motor system that imitates arm movements of a human drummer, and a sound system that produces the sound of the human playing style. The presence of a sound system alleviates the need to use physical models that will create sound when a drum is struck, instead focusing on creating an imitative agent that booth looks and sounds similar to its teacher. Such a virtual agent can be used in a musical setting, where its visualization and sound system would allow it to be regarded as an artificial musician. The architecture is implemented using Echo State Networks, and relies on self-organization and a bottom-up approach when learning human drum patterns.
Axel Tidemann, Pinar Öztürk, Yiannis Dem
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Updated 25 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where IVA
Authors Axel Tidemann, Pinar Öztürk, Yiannis Demiris
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