Group Communication in Differentiated Services Networks

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Group Communication in Differentiated Services Networks
The Differentiated Services (DiffServ) approach will also bring benefits for multicast applications which need quality of service support. For instance, a highly reliable multicast service can be provided based on the proposed Expedited Forwarding behavior [8]. Such a service may also be used advantageously in a global computing cluster infrastructure, e.g., for distribution of synchronization messages. However, DiffServ multicast services have not been addressed in a very detailed manner yet. This paper illustrates some of the problems which will arise when IP Multicast is used in DiffServ networks without taking special precautions into account for providing it. Those problems mainly lead to situations in which other service users are affected adversely. In order to retain the benefits of the DiffServ approach, a quite simple and scalable solution for those problems is needed, not resulting in additional complexity or costs in a DiffServ domain. The proposed architecture in this pap...
Roland Bless, Klaus Wehrle
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Roland Bless, Klaus Wehrle
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