Heuristic Backtracking Algorithms for SAT

13 years 11 months ago
Heuristic Backtracking Algorithms for SAT
In recent years backtrack search SAT solvers have been the subject of dramatic improvements. These improvements allowed SAT solvers to successfully replace BDDs in many areas of formal verification, and also motivated the development of many new challenging problem instances, many of which too hard for the current generation of SAT solvers. As a result, further improvements to SAT technology are expected to have key consequences in formal verification. The objective of this paper is to propose heuristic approaches to the backtrack step of backtrack search SAT solvers, with the goal of increasing the ability of the SAT solver to search different parts of the search space. The proposed heuristics to the backtrack step are inspired by the heuristics proposed in recent years for the branching step of SAT solvers, namely VSIDS and some of its improvements. The preliminary experimental results are promising, and motivate the integration of heuristic backtracking in state-of-the-art SAT so...
Ateet Bhalla, Inês Lynce, José T. de
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where MTV
Authors Ateet Bhalla, Inês Lynce, José T. de Sousa, João P. Marques Silva
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