Heuristic speciation for evolving neural network ensemble

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Heuristic speciation for evolving neural network ensemble
Speciation is an important concept in evolutionary computation. It refers to an enhancements of evolutionary algorithms to generate a set of diverse solutions. The concept is studied intensively in the evolutionary design of neural network ensembles. The diversity and cooperation of individual networks are among the essential criteria of the design. This paper proposes a speciation framework for ensemble design which integrates a collection of new techniques. Its characteristic features are: (a) the population of networks are speciated as such that the mutual information between the networks’ outputs and genotypic representations is preserved. (b) The ensemble is designed incrementally, upon discovery of a species of networks which enhances the ensemble performance. (c) Multiple species are evolved and individual networks are evaluated according to the role of their respective species in the ensemble. This framework provides an implementation of evolutionary algorithm which performs...
Shin Ando
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Shin Ando
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